365 days of Sriracha! A man's journey through life with a bottle of hot cock.


Day 4 Dinner: Annie’s Mac and Cheese

5 out of 5 RoostersMac and CheeseFriday was a rough day. Lyndsay and I didn’t really have an appetite. Which is saying something for foodies like us! So no breakfast or lunch on Day 4. Just a bowl of Mac and Cheese for dinner. Cranked it to 11 with a dash of Rooster.

5 out of 5 for boxed cheesy delight.


Day 3 Dinner: Shepherd’s Pie

5 out of 5 Roosters

Shepherd's Pie w/ SrirachaShepherd's Pie

Lyndsay (awesome-ous girlfriend-us) made her famous Shepherd’s Pie tonight. Kicked it up a notch with a smearing of Sriracha in the potatoes. LOVED IT!

5 out of 5 for this old country delight.

Day 2 Dinner: Ravioli with Marinara Alfredo Sauce

Ravioli w/ Marinara Alfredo Sauce w/ Sriracha

5 out of 5 RoostersWe weren’t sure what to make for dinner, so we decided to throw in some packaged ravioli’s we picked up the other weekend. We used the last of our open Ragu and decided to throw in some alfredo sauce to lighten it up. Then I lined it with some Sriracha for that always needed kick.

5 out of 5 roosters for this quick and simple dinner.