365 days of Sriracha! A man's journey through life with a bottle of hot cock.


Day 4 Dinner: Annie’s Mac and Cheese

5 out of 5 RoostersMac and CheeseFriday was a rough day. Lyndsay and I didn’t really have an appetite. Which is saying something for foodies like us! So no breakfast or lunch on Day 4. Just a bowl of Mac and Cheese for dinner. Cranked it to 11 with a dash of Rooster.

5 out of 5 for boxed cheesy delight.


Did you stop updating already?

No, well, I did, but I have had some bad stuff recently happen in my personal life, and had to stop posting pictures of what I eat to the internet and deal with that.

I am not going to go into any details, but if you want to help out then check out the sidebar. All you have to do is click a couple of buttons and watch an advertisement. No money or personal info is needed to help contribute to the Trevor Project.

I have been taking photos of my food, despite my lack of posts. So all my Sriracha pics will be rolling out over the course of today. In the meantime, check out this awesome Sriracha infographic.