365 days of Sriracha! A man's journey through life with a bottle of hot cock.

4 Roosters

Day 1 Lunch: Now That’s a Spicy Meatball!

4 out of 5 Roosters

While I’m sure there are going to be much stranger entries in my catalog this upcoming year, Banquet’s Swedish Meatballs are on the menu for lunch today.

Now I admit I was skeptical about the end result, but after mixing some rooster into the sauce I was pleasantly surprised. Sriracha, you’ve done it again. Adding some extra flavor and kick without overpowering the original taste. I still had the creaminess of the original sauce, but with a new kick I never knew I needed.

This item was taken to a new level by slipping in some hot cock. However, while I enjoyed the addition, it didn’t feel like a neccessity. I’m only going to give this dish 4 out of 5. The spice was nice, but I don’t see myself craving it in the future.