365 days of Sriracha! A man's journey through life with a bottle of hot cock.

2 Roosters

Day 2 Breakfast: Sweet and Salty and… Spicy?

2 out of 5 RoostersThis morning was the first run in with something that one would not normally apply sauce or condiments to, The protein bar.

Zone Perfect Protein Bar

I picked it up and took it to work with me, when I got there I realized what I had done. Rules are rules and i ripped off a quarter of the bar. Applied two liberal dallops of Sriracha and munched away.

Trail Mix Protein Bar w/ Sriracha

This was a trail mix protein bar. I think there were raisins in there, and a little bit of chocolate. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t very good. The sweet and salty did not play with the spicy. The rooster overpowered the natural taste of the bar and instead of meshing it was just two very distinct flavors happening.


Sorry Sriracha, but I’m only giving a Zone trail-mix protein bar 2 out of 5 roosters. You did not play nice, you get a timeout.