365 days of Sriracha! A man's journey through life with a bottle of hot cock.

Day 1 Dinner: Crab Rangoons

5 out of 5 RoostersRangoons FryingI know it’s not really the healthiest dinner option, but sometimes you gotta treat yourself. I like to make homemade crab rangoons from time to time. I sauté some onions in rice wine. Heat up some cream cheese, and toss in the crab. Season to taste and then wrap it up in won ton or gyozo wrappers.

I thought about trying to make something else to go with the rangoons, but decided that just eating a ton of them sounded more fun. So there you have it.

Crab Rangoon Platter

Imitation Crab Meat

Crab Rangoon with SrirachaSriracha on the crab meat was awesome. I usually eat it with some cocktail sauce, so a little kick is nothing new. Combined the Sriracha with a sweet and sour sauce for dipping the full rangoons into. It was awesome. We ate probably 30 of those little things. It was awesome.

Homemade crab rangoons get a 5 out of 5. I will probably never serve these without some rooster ever again.


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